Making Apartments Healthy For Occupants

People are often more concerned about the pollution that permeates outdoor which is just understandable. But they tend to be complacent about it when they are inside their residences and just assume that this is a healthy place. However there are real pollution concerns inside houses that residents should know and take action of in order to ensure healthy living. Living in apartments for lease for instance means having to deal with other tenants who can increase the chances of acquiring illness due to germs or to other people’s cigarette smoking. Of course one cannot isolate himself from society but there are steps which can be taken in order to avoid these problems and live healthier inside apartments.

Let us start with the basic and the most obvious of course and that would be maintaining cleanliness inside the apartment regularly or at all times if possible. Without constant cleaning, the inside of the house and all the furniture and things can accumulate dust and develop mold and mildew and these are not good thing to have in abundance in your home for the reason that they can cause a variety of health problems. Dust for instance can trigger allergies and also asthma symptoms.

Moreover the presence of molds and mildews normally in areas where there is a lot of moisture like bathrooms, kitchen sinks, toilet, windows, and more can result to long-term respiratory issues. That is why there is a need to keep these areas clean and dry after being used or when not in used.

Effective cleaning techniques have to be employed in order to ensure that the home is thoroughly cleaned up of these unhealthy presences. Regular dusting with the use of clean and damp cloth is a simple yet good solution. Damp cloth will avoid the dust to fly into the air and causing the unwanted effect being avoided. Washing bed linens, curtains, and others using hot water is also a good way to clear up dust as well as keeping away pets from living areas.

Ensuring proper ventilation and using bleach when cleaning bathtubs and showers for instance are effective ways to avoid the growth of mildews and molds. Leaving in apartments for lease may require the permission of the landlord though if you will decide to install air conditioning so better consult the property owner first especially if the problem is serious. Check also if there are apartment rental regulation policies in your place which addresses this common problem.

Implementing some home improvements particularly painting the wall can potentially cause health issues as well. For instance paints with high amount of the so called volatile organic compounds can be hazardous to a person’s health. According to the US EPA, the health effects could include “eye, nose, and throat irritation; headaches, loss of coordination, nausea; damage to liver, kidney, and central nervous system.” But it is not only paints which can contain very high amount of these VOC’s but other common household items as well like aerosol sprays, cleaning chemicals, cooking stoves, and air fresheners just to name some.

Learning more about these potential source of health hazards right inside the home is crucial in order to keep the wellness of all residents inside the home away from bad effects. People should really make time to learn what they are and with the presence of reliable information on the web, such could be achieve easily and conveniently.