Tips For A Healthy Heart

Something that not everyone is aware of is that a healthy heart brings a healthy mind and a healthy mind means a better all around life. Having a healthy heart is more than just exercising, it encompasses many things such as; exercising, eating right, proper nutrition, and enough sleep.

For those people who think that they can eat, drink, and sleep as little or as much as they want to are in for a rude awakening because these are the people who have spent years exercising to be healthy when in reality they are not.

Steps to take to ensure a healthy heart

1. Exercise often – Something that not everyone does is exercises enough to make sure they are healthy, and this is one of the most important parts of having a healthy heart. What I hear many people say is the walk or jog for 30 minutes 5 times a week and although this is a great thing to do it just isn’t enough. People need to be walking or jogging for at least 1 hour everyday in order to get the heart pumping and working harder itself. A few great exercises to do if you don’t have much time to exercise are; pushups, lunges, jumping rope, and 20 yard sprints. Something that all these exercises have in common is they are working major muscle groups, for instance, pushups are working your arms, chest, abs and back, lunges are working your quadriceps and core, and jumping rope and 20 yard sprints are working your entire leg muscles, arms, core, and doing it all while performing a cardio exercise.

2. Eat Healthy – Like I said before, too many people think because they exercise often they think they can eat whatever they want to and this just isn’t the case. Eating healthy ensures that your heart is getting the proper amount of nutrition and vitamins. Something that everyone’s body needs is vitamins and nutrition. The main thing to watch out for when eating healthy is you want to eat things that don’t clog your arteries and limit the blood flow to your heart such as; greasy foods, fatty oils, a lot of mayonnaise, and things like that. I also caution you to not eat meat every single day, sometimes only eating a meat 3-5 times per week is better because it causes you to eat more vegetables and fruits.

3. Watch what you drink – This is very important because too many people drink beer, soda, and coffee way too much. The best thing in the world to drink is water and that is simply because our bodies are made up for more water than anything else so we need to make sure it is replenished and refueled. Doctors say that you should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, but I don’t think this is enough; you need to drink at least 12 to stay healthy.

Using these three tips you should have no problem maintaining a healthy heart, just make sure you stick to a plan and don’t steer away from it. Since your life depends on a healthy heart I think you will value your life more than anything else in this world.