Useful Equipments For People With Physical Disabilities

A lot of people with physical disabilities are often confronted with mobility problems in varying degrees. Some may have difficulty standing up, keeping their balance, and walking due to injuries, illness or weak bones as a consequence of old age. There are likewise those who have totally lost the ability to walk altogether as result of the same causes. But innovation and development have brought about modern equipments which allow people to have the ability to walk and move around once again. Depending on their physical state or condition, each of these tools is specifically designed to address their problems. Examples of these equipments are walking canes, walkers, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and lift chairs among others.

Walking Canes and Walkers

Walking canes are widely use item when it comes to equipment that assist people who are still capable of moving their legs but would need a strong and reliable support to do so. There are several kinds that people can choose depending on their condition. For instance there is the C cane which almost all people are familiar to because of its distinctive curve handle. This type of cane would be ideal for people who have no difficulty with their ability to hold on strongly to the handle. Another is the T cane which is different because of the straight horizontal form of its handle rather than the curve one. This is more ideal for people with weak grips since the handle is much easier to hold.

Then there is the so called broad base cane, define not by its handle, but by 3 or 4 mini-legs attached on its base. This variety is perfect for those who require more solid contact of the surface floor or ground so that enhance balance and stability can be achieve.

Medical walkers meanwhile provide wider and broader support compared to canes which basically are just straight sticks. These equipments likewise have several varieties like the standard walker ideal for those who are may have difficulty with their legs but who are still physically strong with their upper body and arms. This is because one has to lift it in order to move. Another variety of walkers are those with wheels which allow for better and easier mobility.

Wheel Chairs and Mobility Scooters

People whose physical disabilities either temporarily or permanently deprived them of the complete ability to walk can use wheel chairs to be able to move around. This type of equipment can be the standard kind where the person seated uses his or her hands to move the chair. There is also the motorized version which does not require manual efforts but only the ability to steer it through the use of a joystick mounted on the armrest of the chair.

Mobility scooters essentially functions like a motorized wheelchair but can be further use as an outdoor transport giving the users wider movement options. These equipments can be both powered by electricity or gas though the latter may have some issues with noise and convenience. Those who may want to feel the outdoor environment regularly could find this equipment ideal. There are those which are designed to handle other types of terrain not just plain and flat grounds or surfaces.

Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are medical equipments to help people who have difficulties standing up as a result of various conditions like having arthritis, weak bones due to old age, suffering injuries to the back, hips, knees, legs, or those who are overweight. There a wide variety of lift chairs available in the market now from the standard kinds to those with extra features designed to make the equipment more comfortable.